Have you discovered head lice in your household?  Don't worry Nit Happens can help!  I know that a lot of people are mortified once they discover that one of their kids or that they themselves have head lice.  I distinctly remember doing the 'oh my gosh we have head lice dance' over 15 years ago when my preschooler came home the first time with head lice.  She had extremely long, thick curly hair and I was completely lost when I thought about how I was going to get rid of her head lice.  I, like most people ran to the drugstore to get "the most effective head lice shampoo" available.  That didn't work and I repeated the process a few more times.  {I had no idea about the harsh chemicals that were in the lice shampoo's!}  As far as the nitpicking went, I had no idea what I was doing, but being the meticullous person I am I intended to get every last one of those little buggers ...40 hours later of nitpicking with tweezers in hand, we were done!  Don't get discouraged I've learnt a lot in the last 15 years; read on. 

      Since that first lice episode I now have two more lovely long haired girls, who unfortunately have had lice...needless to say I had to develop a quicker but still effective method for removing these buggers (because lets face it- all your need is one pregnant female left behind and you're going to be re-infested in no time at all).  Over the years word spread with my friends and I became known as the friend who would help you get rid of your lice infestation!!!   Fast forward 15 years of dealing with my kids, my friends kids {even some friends of friends kids} with amazing results.  The last time one of my kids got head lice and we went to get checked to make sure it was all gone before going back to school-I was stunned at the huge line up of moms waiting with their kids and then the idea of NIT HAPPENS was born!  I have been happily nit picking away for many families ever since then.