The facts of lice:  Unfortunately head lice is quite prevalent these days, it is the second most common affliction among school age children right after the common cold.  Chances are high that sometime in the first 13 years of your child’s life they will get head lice.  You should not be ashamed or feel embarrassed.  Lice do not need to be as overwhelming as you might think.  The most common way for head lice to be transferred to another person is from having head to head contact with another individual who has head lice.  Since head lice do NOT jump or fly, as many people think, it is when heads are touching and one louse crawls onto another person’s head that the cycle can begin on someone else's head.  Other common ways to get head lice are by sharing hats, hair brushes, dress up clothes etc.  I have read hundreds of articles, books and studies and came to learn that another common way to get head lice is on trains, planes and automobiles.  As well as movie theatres and the hair salon.  This information is not to make you paranoid...it is simply to say that sometimes...NIT HAPPENS.

Pediculosis, more commonly known as head lice starts out with as little as one pregnant female louse.  From there that pregnant female starts laying her eggs {called nits} about 1/4 of an inch from the scalp. In about 7 to 10 days these nits hatch into baby lice {called nymphs}.  In 7 to 10 days of being hatched these nymph's are now fully mature adults {called Lice} and they start reproducing.  The adult lice will live for up to 32 days.  In that 32 days the female louse will lay between 150-250 nits...and so the cycle continues until you get rid of all of the lice and their nits.   No matter what remedy you put on the infested person's head, be it a lice shampoo or rinse, mayonnaise or olive oil you will need to remove ALL of the nits in order to be lice-free.  Once you know how to do this properly it will not be the 10-15 hour job that most people put in.  It typically takes me 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours to completely de-louse someone.   In extreme cases of very long thick hair it will take longer. 

Head Lice move very quickly on the human head- about 9 inches in a minute.  Nine inches is almost ear to ear on a child's head.  The nits are securely glued to the hair shaft and will not just flick off of the hair.  That is why without the proper tools {magnifier's, light, GOOD lice comb etc} and technique {which I will teach you} it is difficult to get rid of head lice and why it is so time consuming.   If you enlist my services you will not spend hours every day for 2 weeks combing through your hair.  Many articles that I have read on the internet are highly excessive in the things they tell you to do to get rid of head lice. 

My services are to clean up your head quickly, teach you the proper technique and most importantly get rid of the lice and nits!  As well, my services avoid using any shampoos with harsh chemicals, insecticides or pesticides. A lot of the commonly used lice shampoos are ineffective and need to be repeated at least once, not to mention damaging to the earth and quite possibly your child's health.  The truth is: the shampoos are NOT necessary AND you will still have to comb out all the nits.  I guarantee that you will be lice/nit free if you enlist in my de-lousing service and follow the simple guidelines to environmental and follow-up care.